Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This blog will attempt to analyze and potentially initiate a (virtual) dialogue about the ways in which 'new media' has affected and continues to affect the music industry, especially the 'art' of live performance. Obviously there is more than one assumption embedded in the above statement. For instance, you may be asking yourself what is meant by the term 'new media' and what aspect(s) of the music industry will be discussed. Will there be a focus on industry (i.e. marketing, manufacturing, sales, record companies and the media etc.) or on the actual music?  All fair questions. All certainly loaded and intertwining questions as well. If you are interested in these topics I do hope you will stay tuned, or tuned in rather, as I stay attuned to, address and disseminate these ideas and consequent issues throughout the course of this blog.
Til then, sit tight folks.

Edit: But not like this I hope:

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